The Peace Garden Student Support Services is an independent administrative consortium of special education units established to coordinate the provision of special education services in the cooperating schools.


Melissa Deckert


Office Manager
Holly Brenden

Mary Watson

Business Manager
Deborah Nelson

Program Coordinators

Specific Learning Disability, Emotional Disability, Autism
Shawna Allard

Kristy Thorson

Occupational Therapy
Leah Hermanson-Faul

School Psychologist
Kristi Walen

Related Services

Licensed Social Worker
Judy Garber

Physical Therapy
Jan Weathers

School Psychologist
Dean Herman

Occupational Therapist
Rebekah Klebe

Early Childhood Special Education/Part C 
Nancy Carlson, ECSE

Speech-Language Pathologists
Katie Pfau, SLP

Lori Lakefield, SLP

Jeri Gable, SLPP


Constance Gregor